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Extended Warranties, Why I’ll Like Never Buy Another One After My iPod Fiasco

I know the basics of extended warranties obviously. They are pushed by highly motivated sales teams because they are paid high margins on any sales they can generate. In many cases, they’ll make as much on the sale of the warranty as they do for the actual product. I’m not stupid. If the-shop and sales guy is making a killing on this, then it means that consumers are very frequently losing money. Thus, as a consumer, I should always be saying no. Same Thing As Insurance? You could say the same couple of things about insurance. The companies and sales guys are

Do Your Family Members And Close Friends Know About Your Insurance Policies?

This would probably apply the best to life insurance but I it can certainly work for others, especially as we get older. Why You Should Advise Your Entourage Of What You Own We all think we’re so invincible but the reality is that we know we’re not (obviously.. If not we wouldn’t buy insurance would we?). Things can happen very fast. It can be a bad accident, something that doesn’t get you killed but that would make you require more health care than your spouse or parents think you can actually afford, etc. Fact is it’s important for key people

Those Annoying Credit Card Companies Selling Me Insurance

I’m guessing that most of you do have at least one credit card. I actually have 3. They have tremendous benefits and from an insurance perspective, give me some protection on travel insurance, extended warranties, etc. There is one thing I simply cannot stand though. Two of the three issuers also sell insurance to their cardholders (the 3rd one maybe does it too but they have not harassed me about it). So every time my card needs to be replaced (expiry, risk of fraud, etc), they start giving me that annoying sales speech about buying their insurance. What does it

My Insurance Wishlist

I know, I know, it’s not Christmas yet but I had been thinking about the types of things that I would like to see in an insurance company. Many of these are done by some companies but others are things that I personally think could be very beneficial. If one or two companies were able to offer these, I’d be a very happy customer:) And no, I did not even include low premiums since those are fairly obvious. –Preventive Help: I’ve heard of a few insurance companies that will go out of their way to make sure that their customers

If Your Employer Drops Your Insurance Coverage

We all know that insurance costs are skyrocketing and that is forcing many employers to make some tough decisions about what they do and do not offer protection for. Unfortunately, many employers are going the route of offering less coverage, especially in areas such as health care. In fact, consulting firm Deloitte did a survey that showed 1 of 11 employers plans to stop or greatly diminish offering health care insurance while another 10% of them remains undecided. Impact On All Of Us With rising costs and legislation changes, it’s not a huge surprise but it still makes life very

Ever Feel Like Insurance Is Just A Waste of Your Time And Money? Please Stop Complaining!

It’s so easy to wonder what’s the point. I mean, I’ve been making all kinds of insurance payments for over 10 years now and to say that it’s been a losing proposition would be a major understatement. The most I’ve asked from my insurance company is to pay for a cavity repair as well as a few massages for both my wife and I. That’s it! No car repair, no problems at home, no earthquake or flooding issues. Basically, every month I’ve been throwing away money for all kinds of insurance products that I have not needed… So How Is

At Some Point, Will We All Buy ID Theft Insurance?

You might have heard about the article by Mat Honan published on Wired magazine a few weeks ago. I highly recommend reading it if you have not. Basically, he became the (very) unlucky victim of one or many very motivated and capable hackers that ended up among other things taking control of his email, his Apple account, wiping out his iPhone, iPad and MacBook computer, spamming his twitter list, etc. It’s a terrible story and one that made me think quite a bit. How bad could it be if someone was motivated (by financial or other motives) to take me

5 Tricks to Get The Best Term Life Insurance Quotes

  We all know that we should have insurance. For most people, term life insurance is definitely the best choice. Since most of your insurance needs are timely, you don’t need to get permanent life insurance coverage through a whole life policy. Term life insurance will cover your needs for the time you really need it.   There is something I find very frustrating when it comes down to selecting an insurance company. The problem is that once you have calculated your insurance needs, you still need to shop around to get the best term life insurance quotes. While getting

Profiling By Insurance Companies

When I open a bank account and get asked all kinds of information, I don’t love it, but I don’t feel like I’m being judged either. I mean, clearly, my bank doesn’t give a “damn” about me living in this or this street, being a male, having kids or being married. It’s useful information that might be used to better sell me products in the future but it has no direct or indirect effect on the interest rate that I will be receiving on my account, what charge I will face at ATM’s, etc. If I ask for a loan,

Mission: Finding A Reliable and Trustworthy Insurance Broker

I don’t know about you, but I have a few friends that are not only great to hang around with but also are very useful. Knowing a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant can always help out. One missing key among my entourage is the fact that I am not friends with an insurance broker. In a world where insurance policies are becoming increasingly complex and where it’s more difficult than ever to truly determine what type of insurance we need, what premiums we should reasonably expect to pay and where to get the best coverage. It’s Not All About The

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