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Renting On Airbnb? What About Insurance?

You’ve probably heard of Airbnb. It’s a fairly new startup that has exploded in recent months. It basically connects renters that are looking for cheaper housing and those that have free space. It’s an alternative to hotels for travelers and has been very popular all around the world. There are few things that could go wrong in the early days as both renters and hosts loved the new service. Then Things Went Bad In July 2011, a host contacted Airbnb after having her apartment burglarized and vandalized by an Airbnb guest. The company initially said there was nothing it could

So Tired Of Those Credit Insurance Offers…

I’m sure all of you have received such offers at some point. You activate a new credit card and they offer you a credit insurance. How does it work? -You pay X%.. let’s say 1% of your end of month balance. It varies from policy to policy and sometimes you only pay if you don’t make the full payment on time, etc. It’s tempting for a few reasons: -they generally insist a fair bit in the hope that the easier way out will be for you to say yes -they will often offer it for free for a few months

Event Ticket Insurance… Gotta Be Kidding Me?

I had no idea that this even existed but I guess it’s not surprising. If you’ve ever purchased tennis tickets online, you know that the fees can be outrageous. In a few days, tickets for the US Open Tennis tournament will be put on sale. I will be waiting in a virtual line when they’ll be made available for purchase  and will be buying about 7 tickets for myself (several days) and others for my wife, friends and family. The ticket prices range from $65 to $110 (those I’m looking for). That amount is pre-fees though. On every single ticket,

Vision Insurance – Would You Ever Consider It?

I’ve read about hundreds of different insurance types but never about this specific one. Vision insurance? The idea is to: -Offset the costs of routine checkups as well as vision correction The idea behind it is certainly not bad and it’s true that getting corrective surgery is expensive. I Doubt I’d Get It Though I mean really, how much money could I possibly save? I try to buy insurance to protect myself against unlikely but very bad events. I’m not sure that having bad vision would qualify for either. What are the odds that I will one day be wearing

Insuring Against Natural Disasters

Every few years, it seems like a major natural disaster strikes. For many, it’s a tragedy as they might lose loved ones, their car, their home, etc. For everyone else, it’s a reminder of what COULD happen. There’s no doubt that we can’t be entirely protected but insurance does exist to get some level of protection. It’s important to understand that in most cases, basic insurance coverage do not cover “acts of god”, or natural disasters. Getting insurance to protect you from massive flooding, hurricanes and tornadoes does exist but it’s something that you have to shop for separately. According

Wedding Insurance, To Use Or Not?

Weddings, they’re the best day of your life but also the most stressful. So many amazing and memorable moments to look forward to but it sometimes becomes difficult to start thinking about everything that can go wrong. There are a few things such as your significant one not showing up that you can usually (hopefully) get a sense of. Other factors though are much more difficult to control. Some weddings can end up costing tens of thousands and to have to worry about no hurricane making its way to the alter is certainly not ideal. What Is Wedding Insurance? There

How Much Would You Pay For iPhone Insurance?

I’ve been trying to decide on finally moving ahead to buy to the iPhone5! Would you believe that as of writing this, I’m still a (not so proud) Blackberry owner? To my defense, it’s provided by my employer free of charge and while there are very few things it does very well, one of those things is providing a very easy to use keyboard. I’ve been annoyed at many other features though, mainly the lack of apps and painful web browsing experience. So I’m finally going ahead and buying the iPhone5 in the coming weeks. iPhone Insurance Or Not? One

Insuring Your Bank Accounts For Free

There are very few free things in the world. Usually those that are end up being too good to be true. There’s usually a catch or some kind of detail that makes the deal a lot less attractive than you’d initially think. If I think about insurance, that is even more the case. One Exception One type of insurance that is offered for free is insurance on bank deposits. In both Canada and the US, governments end up backing deposits. Why? It’s partially in their own interest. Economies work much better with an efficient banking system that users can trust and for

Those Annoying Credit Card Companies Selling Me Insurance

I’m guessing that most of you do have at least one credit card. I actually have 3. They have tremendous benefits and from an insurance perspective, give me some protection on travel insurance, extended warranties, etc. There is one thing I simply cannot stand though. Two of the three issuers also sell insurance to their cardholders (the 3rd one maybe does it too but they have not harassed me about it). So every time my card needs to be replaced (expiry, risk of fraud, etc), they start giving me that annoying sales speech about buying their insurance. What does it

At Some Point, Will We All Buy ID Theft Insurance?

You might have heard about the article by Mat Honan published on Wired magazine a few weeks ago. I highly recommend reading it if you have not. Basically, he became the (very) unlucky victim of one or many very motivated and capable hackers that ended up among other things taking control of his email, his Apple account, wiping out his iPhone, iPad and MacBook computer, spamming his twitter list, etc. It’s a terrible story and one that made me think quite a bit. How bad could it be if someone was motivated (by financial or other motives) to take me

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