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Can You Really Blame Employers For Changing Your Insurance Benefits?

I know I know, it sucks. It really does. First of all, as I explained in my own post, managing insurance policies that are offered by employers is becoming more complex and more time consuming. In addition, those policies end up covering less than what they used to. This affects health insurance mainly but also disability insurance, life insurance, etc Just recently, Sears Holding and Darden Restaurants announced that they would be making major changes to their regimes. How It Used To Work At Many Such Companies –Companies would offer employees coverage on XYZ.. With employees paying for parts of

Do Your Family Members And Close Friends Know About Your Insurance Policies?

This would probably apply the best to life insurance but I it can certainly work for others, especially as we get older. Why You Should Advise Your Entourage Of What You Own We all think we’re so invincible but the reality is that we know we’re not (obviously.. If not we wouldn’t buy insurance would we?). Things can happen very fast. It can be a bad accident, something that doesn’t get you killed but that would make you require more health care than your spouse or parents think you can actually afford, etc. Fact is it’s important for key people

If Your Employer Drops Your Insurance Coverage

We all know that insurance costs are skyrocketing and that is forcing many employers to make some tough decisions about what they do and do not offer protection for. Unfortunately, many employers are going the route of offering less coverage, especially in areas such as health care. In fact, consulting firm Deloitte did a survey that showed 1 of 11 employers plans to stop or greatly diminish offering health care insurance while another 10% of them remains undecided. Impact On All Of Us With rising costs and legislation changes, it’s not a huge surprise but it still makes life very

Mission: Finding A Reliable and Trustworthy Insurance Broker

I don’t know about you, but I have a few friends that are not only great to hang around with but also are very useful. Knowing a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant can always help out. One missing key among my entourage is the fact that I am not friends with an insurance broker. In a world where insurance policies are becoming increasingly complex and where it’s more difficult than ever to truly determine what type of insurance we need, what premiums we should reasonably expect to pay and where to get the best coverage. It’s Not All About The

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