Insurance Habits

Too Poor To Buy Insurance?

I write a lot about insurance, about all of those types of insurance that can be purchased, etc. The reality however is that for many of us, buying insurance is something we can barely afford to do. When you have a family living off of one income, are unemployed or are in a number of other situations, buying insurance can seem like excessive luxury. At Which Point Should You Look Into Buying Insurance? Ideally, you should try to do a budget, figure out how much you are able to afford every month in insurance payments. I personally think that the

Annual Insurance Review

It’s a danger with any recurring bill or service… you sign up at some point in time and then can go for years and years without looking back, wondering if what you have is still fit, necessary, enough, etc. It is also one reason why insurance agents are paid so much to get a new client to sign up. Chances are that client will be loyal and a client for years if not decades.  While I was in the process of putting together all of my insurance products needs and services, it struck me how for many of these, I

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