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Insurance Shopping In The 21st Century.. I Like Where This Is Headed

As I’ve written about in the past, there are plenty of things I would like to see changed in the insurance market. Two important things are having: –a more uniform set of rules between states and provinces – this would make it much easier to bring in more competition between companies, for companies to operate in all 50 states and perhaps in all of Canada as well. I doubt we’ll ever get there but if get closer to it, it would be a huge positive –more transparency in rates: I think it’s reasonable to be able to search for insurance in similar

Insurance Companies Hate Transparency

I’ll take you back a few years, when booking air plane tickets required going to each carrier’s website and trying to find the best possible deal. You would go from, to, usairways, etc. It was a lengthy and horrible process. Thank god for aggregators such as Orbitz and Kayak which have made the process a lot easier. Not everyone loved the idea at first. Why? Because you and I are now able to easily find the lowest rates thus putting a lot of pressure on pricing. Some companies tried to resist. At one point, American Airlines asked to

Why Most Insurance Agents Are Terrible

Last week, I wrote about finding out if the insurance agent or broker was acting in your best interest which can clearly end up being a big problem when shopping around for insurance. Thankfully, I think most of us know to be on the lookout for those. What we aren’t as trained to do is trying to determine if we are dealing with a competent agent. Most Of Them Are Crappy The reality is that that according to numbers that I’ve seen, 92% of agents eventually fail and exit the business. Why is that? Most Agents Don’t Belong In The Business I

Have You Ever Met An Honest Insurance Salesman?

One of the big reasons why I started this blog was because it just seems impossible to find honest, objective information about insurance policies. When I go to the garage, I always keep in mind a doubt that what they’re telling me needs to be repaired is not actually broken but that the guy simply needs a few more dollars to reach his objectives. How could I know? Same thing when I go shopping for a tv and the sales guy tells me that this new technology makes a world of difference. It becomes very difficult for me to know

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