7 Most Expensive Canadian Cities for Car Insurance

All across Canada, drivers are required to have a minimum amount of auto insurance. Above and beyond this, drivers can add optional coverage, such as comprehensive and collision. British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba are provinces with government-owned insurance companies. Quebec has a combination of government and private insurance. Everywhere else in Canada auto insurance is provided by private insurance companies.   Average Car Insurance Premiums in Canada You have fewer options when dealing with government-run, public car insurance companies. You can’t do much shopping around. You can buy basic insurance from the public insurer and then get additional coverage elsewhere,

Natural Disaster Coverage… Should You Get It?

I’m sure that all of you also felt incredibly saddened by the events that occurred in Oklahoma City. It’s so easy to forget that these things unfortunately do happen. There are so many different things to consider in such an event and the loss of life is obviously #1. Since this is an insurance blog, I’d also like to briefly talk about the more “material” aspects. Know Your Coverage In general, an insurance policy will protect you against specific types of damage and the default is that any cause is not covered. When there are exceptions to that (which there usually are),

Charged Based On Behavior?

A few weeks ago, South Pacific airline Samoa announced it would start charging based on its passengers total weight (person’s weight+luggage weight). I don’t think anyone was shocked as the idea has been discussed for a long time. It makes a lot of sense in a way because weight is one of the major factors that determine the airline’s costs (in terms of fuel especially) so charging based on that does make some sense. Then, the other day I read about some car insurance companies that are starting to experiment with a device that tracks how you drive, your speed,

How Much Data Would You Be Willing To Release To Diminish Your Insurance Premiums?

In the past few years, it has became increasingly easy to gather, share and use data which is exactly what most insurance companies are now trying to do. Today it got me wondering, how much would you be able to share or put yourself through if it meant having a lower premium? -Would you have a car that requires you to do an alcohol test before starting it up? -Would you mind having your insurance company tracking you with a GPS if it meant lowering your car insurance (since they would know how little you use it?) -Would you mind

Figure Out What Your Risks Are?

Insurance’s primary purpose is to help protect you against certain risks. Money can’t buy everything obviously, but it can help a great deal. Today, I sat down and tried to figure out the main risks that I face. In general, risks are defined in terms of assets that you have. Let’s start off by listing the most important things in my life: -My family And material stuff: -My house -My car I guess if I were to look for further things I’d go for: -My identity -My phone -etc In terms of my family, the main financial risks are that

Ever Feel Like Insurance Is Just A Waste of Your Time And Money? Please Stop Complaining!

It’s so easy to wonder what’s the point. I mean, I’ve been making all kinds of insurance payments for over 10 years now and to say that it’s been a losing proposition would be a major understatement. The most I’ve asked from my insurance company is to pay for a cavity repair as well as a few massages for both my wife and I. That’s it! No car repair, no problems at home, no earthquake or flooding issues. Basically, every month I’ve been throwing away money for all kinds of insurance products that I have not needed… So How Is

5 Tricks to Get The Best Term Life Insurance Quotes

  We all know that we should have insurance. For most people, term life insurance is definitely the best choice. Since most of your insurance needs are timely, you don’t need to get permanent life insurance coverage through a whole life policy. Term life insurance will cover your needs for the time you really need it.   There is something I find very frustrating when it comes down to selecting an insurance company. The problem is that once you have calculated your insurance needs, you still need to shop around to get the best term life insurance quotes. While getting

Profiling By Insurance Companies

When I open a bank account and get asked all kinds of information, I don’t love it, but I don’t feel like I’m being judged either. I mean, clearly, my bank doesn’t give a “damn” about me living in this or this street, being a male, having kids or being married. It’s useful information that might be used to better sell me products in the future but it has no direct or indirect effect on the interest rate that I will be receiving on my account, what charge I will face at ATM’s, etc. If I ask for a loan,

Mission: Impossible – Searching For Objective Insurance Information

I’ve been asked several times why my partner and I decided to start an insurance website. It’s quite simple. I have always felt like finding accurate and unbiaised information about insurance was basically impossible. No matter what I try to type in Google, I always arrive to a website of a company that is either offering its own insurance products or a broker. That is all good and fine but can I trust these sources to be objective? Just take a look at what I see when I type insurance into Google: Would you ever expect a company that is

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