Vision Insurance – Would You Ever Consider It?

I’ve read about hundreds of different insurance types but never about this specific one. Vision insurance? The idea is to:

-Offset the costs of routine checkups as well as vision correction

The idea behind it is certainly not bad and it’s true that getting corrective surgery is expensive.

I Doubt I’d Get It Though

I mean really, how much money could I possibly save? I try to buy insurance to protect myself against unlikely but very bad events. I’m not sure that having bad vision would qualify for either. What are the odds that I will one day be wearing glasses/contact lenses? I’d say close to 100%. Will I get corrective surgery? It’s likely I’d imagine, especially as the technology continues to improve.

So really, this is about making monthly payments now to help me pay for a future (and very probable) expense. In that case, I doubt it makes much sense. Yes, I don’t know if those expenses will be in 3 years, 5 years or maybe much later. But I’d say the uncertainty remains fairly low.

Do any of you have vision insurance? Or are you shopping for it?

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