May 2013

Event Ticket Insurance… Gotta Be Kidding Me?

I had no idea that this even existed but I guess it’s not surprising. If you’ve ever purchased tennis tickets online, you know that the fees can be outrageous. In a few days, tickets for the US Open Tennis tournament will be put on sale. I will be waiting in a virtual line when they’ll be made available for purchase  and will be buying about 7 tickets for myself (several days) and others for my wife, friends and family. The ticket prices range from $65 to $110 (those I’m looking for). That amount is pre-fees though. On every single ticket,

Natural Disaster Coverage… Should You Get It?

I’m sure that all of you also felt incredibly saddened by the events that occurred in Oklahoma City. It’s so easy to forget that these things unfortunately do happen. There are so many different things to consider in such an event and the loss of life is obviously #1. Since this is an insurance blog, I’d also like to briefly talk about the more “material” aspects. Know Your Coverage In general, an insurance policy will protect you against specific types of damage and the default is that any cause is not covered. When there are exceptions to that (which there usually are),

Vision Insurance – Would You Ever Consider It?

I’ve read about hundreds of different insurance types but never about this specific one. Vision insurance? The idea is to: -Offset the costs of routine checkups as well as vision correction The idea behind it is certainly not bad and it’s true that getting corrective surgery is expensive. I Doubt I’d Get It Though I mean really, how much money could I possibly save? I try to buy insurance to protect myself against unlikely but very bad events. I’m not sure that having bad vision would qualify for either. What are the odds that I will one day be wearing

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