Ordering Medical Tests While Applying For Insurance

It can certainly be tempting. You’re thinking about getting life insurance, disability insurance or some other type of health related insurance and while you’re thinking about your health, you decide to call up your doctor to get a full update of your health. Sometimes, for one of those policies, you are asked to get an updated health status so you go to see the doctor and decide to get a few additional tests. Why? Because it’s easy, you’re already there right?

It’s A Terrible Idea That Can Cost You Big

It can certainly be tempting, you’re already there. Don’t do it. Resist. The thing is: Nothing good can come out of it. There’s a good chance that your insurance company will find out you’re doing the test and wait for the results before giving you the result.

There’s Only Downside

If test results come out well, you’ll be happy to get your policy, as you expected. If for some reason they don’t, you will either get refused or have to pay a lot more to get that same policy.  So you end up having additional risk with absolutely nothing to gain (since they had not even asked for you to do this test).

What You Need To Do

It’s quite simple, just set yourself a reminder to schedule an appointment for those tests AFTER getting an answer from your insurance company. I know of someone who decided to do an “exta” conditioning test while doing his basic exam for life insurance policy. They ended up increasing his premium by $13,000 after seeing the results (he had a weak result, possibly due to a problem).. they told him he would be able to get a lower premium if he retook the test and got a better result. That’s fine. But wasn’t getting a bad result tragic enough? If he would have waited a couple of weeks before doing the test, he would have at least locked in his life policy at a low rate.

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