Wedding Insurance, To Use Or Not?

Weddings, they’re the best day of your life but also the most stressful. So many amazing and memorable moments to look forward to but it sometimes becomes difficult to start thinking about everything that can go wrong. There are a few things such as your significant one not showing up that you can usually (hopefully) get a sense of. Other factors though are much more difficult to control. Some weddings can end up costing tens of thousands and to have to worry about no hurricane making its way to the alter is certainly not ideal.

What Is Wedding Insurance?

There are many different components but the basic concept is buying protection against something going wrong on that day that would end up having a financial impact. being unable to celebrate the wedding in the planned location because of extreme natural disasters is one thing but having drunk guests destroying property or someone getting hurt in the part is also another common fear. Having your wedding in a very expensive venue and worried about how some of the guests might misbehave?

What To Look Into

I think it’s worth getting an idea of:

-the cost of the wedding
-the risks of a natural disaster hitting (depending on location and  time of the year)
-evaluating the financial impact of such an event

Then you can probably try to find out what the cost would be. The one company that I do know offers this insurance is, which I have never used but I did hear they were reliable.

Worried About The Location?

If you think your guests might end up creating trouble, it might be worth it to ask the venue what type of insurance they have on their end to avoid paying for something that you already have.

Are You Thinking Of Getting Wedding Insurance?

If so, I’d love to hear from you, especially in terms of what you’re getting protection from, etc?

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