November 2012

How To Trap The Shark Selling You A Policy

I won’t surprise you by saying that many insurance salesmen are sleazy and that you can end up being seriously screwed. In fact, other than car sales guys, who else would be more likely to screw you? One thing I always like to do is get a feel for what kind of person I am dealing with. How I do it? The Absurdity Test Basically, I know that sales guys have one fundamental priority. They need to sell insurance in order to make commissions. That’s more than fine. However, some are willing to do it at any costs while others

How Much Would You Pay For iPhone Insurance?

I’ve been trying to decide on finally moving ahead to buy to the iPhone5! Would you believe that as of writing this, I’m still a (not so proud) Blackberry owner? To my defense, it’s provided by my employer free of charge and while there are very few things it does very well, one of those things is providing a very easy to use keyboard. I’ve been annoyed at many other features though, mainly the lack of apps and painful web browsing experience. So I’m finally going ahead and buying the iPhone5 in the coming weeks. iPhone Insurance Or Not? One

Getting A Lousy Quote? What To Check

Insurance is a good business but it’s also a very competitive one. The fact is that most insurance companies are not screwing over their clients. In fact, from what I saw on Quora, the average company has been making a 2% profit margin on average off of the premiums that they collected over the past 7 years. I’ll grant you that some insurance policies are probably much more profitable (annuities for example) but in other cases such as auto and home insurance, the chances are that if you got quoted a price that seems high, it could be that your

Figure Out What Your Risks Are?

Insurance’s primary purpose is to help protect you against certain risks. Money can’t buy everything obviously, but it can help a great deal. Today, I sat down and tried to figure out the main risks that I face. In general, risks are defined in terms of assets that you have. Let’s start off by listing the most important things in my life: -My family And material stuff: -My house -My car I guess if I were to look for further things I’d go for: -My identity -My phone -etc In terms of my family, the main financial risks are that

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