September 2012

Those Annoying Credit Card Companies Selling Me Insurance

I’m guessing that most of you do have at least one credit card. I actually have 3. They have tremendous benefits and from an insurance perspective, give me some protection on travel insurance, extended warranties, etc. There is one thing I simply cannot stand though. Two of the three issuers also sell insurance to their cardholders (the 3rd one maybe does it too but they have not harassed me about it). So every time my card needs to be replaced (expiry, risk of fraud, etc), they start giving me that annoying sales speech about buying their insurance. What does it

My Insurance Wishlist

I know, I know, it’s not Christmas yet but I had been thinking about the types of things that I would like to see in an insurance company. Many of these are done by some companies but others are things that I personally think could be very beneficial. If one or two companies were able to offer these, I’d be a very happy customer:) And no, I did not even include low premiums since those are fairly obvious. –Preventive Help: I’ve heard of a few insurance companies that will go out of their way to make sure that their customers

If Your Employer Drops Your Insurance Coverage

We all know that insurance costs are skyrocketing and that is forcing many employers to make some tough decisions about what they do and do not offer protection for. Unfortunately, many employers are going the route of offering less coverage, especially in areas such as health care. In fact, consulting firm Deloitte did a survey that showed 1 of 11 employers plans to stop or greatly diminish offering health care insurance while another 10% of them remains undecided. Impact On All Of Us With rising costs and legislation changes, it’s not a huge surprise but it still makes life very

Ever Feel Like Insurance Is Just A Waste of Your Time And Money? Please Stop Complaining!

It’s so easy to wonder what’s the point. I mean, I’ve been making all kinds of insurance payments for over 10 years now and to say that it’s been a losing proposition would be a major understatement. The most I’ve asked from my insurance company is to pay for a cavity repair as well as a few massages for both my wife and I. That’s it! No car repair, no problems at home, no earthquake or flooding issues. Basically, every month I’ve been throwing away money for all kinds of insurance products that I have not needed… So How Is

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