Mission: Impossible – Searching For Objective Insurance Information

I’ve been asked several times why my partner and I decided to start an insurance website. It’s quite simple. I have always felt like finding accurate and unbiaised information about insurance was basically impossible. No matter what I try to type in Google, I always arrive to a website of a company that is either offering its own insurance products or a broker. That is all good and fine but can I trust these sources to be objective? Just take a look at what I see when I type insurance into Google:

Would you ever expect a company that is trying to sell you an insurance policy to tell you that it’s not a great fit for you? It’s not going to happen. For that reason, it’s very difficult to trust whatever such a company would say. As I’ve written in the past, I do think that getting to know an insurance broker personally is one good way to get around this problem but that is clearly not something that all of us are prepared to do.

Mission: Impossible?

There are many big challenges in trying to build a solid insurance website. I personally feel like the 2 main ones are:

Make Insurance Interesting: Insurance is not the easiest subject to discuss. I mean think about it.. We love to talk and to shop for most big expenses such as cars, houses, vacations, etc. But for some reason, insurance is seen by most of us as a boring subject that we try to avoid all costs. I’m hoping that we can bring something different to table. We have many different ideas that we’ll explore over time, and I’d love to hear your own of course!

Getting Actual Traffic Here: Even though insurance is a boring subject, it’s also something nearly all of us will need to buy at some point and for that reason, there is certainly a lot of potential. That being said, there are very few (if any) more competitive subjects on the web. Companies pay out thousands and thousands of dollars to appear on the front page of search engines, to buy visibility, etc. So it will be very difficult for a website like InsuranceDoesMatter to break through. That being said, my partner and I have experience and we also have a fundamental belief that if we provide solid and interesting content, not only will all of you come back, but it will hopefully become something that will be easy and interesting to share.

The question of course remains how to get the most information and I still have to do research on quite a few different things but I would love to interview some insurance brokers, companies, I will obviously be doing a lot of research, working with writers and more. But I’d love to hear from you.

Where are you able to get decent information about insurance? A website? An insurance broker? Anything else?

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