Is Getting Pet Insurance Something You Should Consider? Short Answer Is No

If you don’t have a pet yourself, you surely have friends or family that do. You know how much they care for their pets and how they would be devastated if something were to happen to their loved one. Thus, it can make a lot of sense for a pet owner to look into buying pet insurance.

What Is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is meant to help owners protect themselves against unforeseen costs that would be the result of the pet turning out to be sick and requiring surgery or some type of expensive treatment. These types of insurance would generally cost a lot of money so buying insurance that will cover the costs of the treatment can end up helping a great deal if such a situation occurs. The main idea being that you’d never want to be faced with the choice of paying or not for something that is necessary for your pet.

What kind of operations can be paid for?:

CAT scans
Blood work
Prescription medication

One resource that did look solid to shop and buy pet insurance is

All Of That Being Said… Is It Worth It?

Like almost any other insurance related question, this would depend on each person. Here is what I would say though. Since the maximum costs involved in taking care of your pet should be within reason, I’m not sure that insurance is the way to go here. Why? Because insurance has an important cost to it. I think it should be used to protect against specific types of events. Instead, I would just put a few dollars aside every week, in an account dedicated to health care of the pet. It will end up costing a lot less and will likely be necessary in any case because most pets do end up requiring a lot more care in their later years, unfortunately.

Who Should Get Insurance?

That being said, I think it’s fair to say that pet insurance would be a great fit for many others. I would get insurance if I was worried that if my pet turned out to be sick, I would perhaps consider it. Of course, I would pay special attention to:

-Annual cost of such insurance
-What is and isn’t covered
-Any maximum that can be applied (the protection can become pointless)

What about you? Would you ever consider buying pet insurance? Or have you ever done so?

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