July 2012

Mission: Impossible – Searching For Objective Insurance Information

I’ve been asked several times why my partner and I decided to start an insurance website. It’s quite simple. I have always felt like finding accurate and unbiaised information about insurance was basically impossible. No matter what I try to type in Google, I always arrive to a website of a company that is either offering its own insurance products or a broker. That is all good and fine but can I trust these sources to be objective? Just take a look at what I see when I type insurance into Google: Would you ever expect a company that is

Entrepreneurs, Do You Have Sufficient Insurance?

I haven’t made the jump yet, but it’s something I’ve been considering for a long time. These days I work for a bank and one of the major advantages is the insurance coverage that we are provided. It’s a bit more costly and complex than it used to be but it remains a very valuable advantage. I am planning on eventually moving to work on my business full time and while it’s not the reason I have not done it yet, you can be sure that the idea of having to buy and pay for my own insurance is a

Is Getting Pet Insurance Something You Should Consider? Short Answer Is No

If you don’t have a pet yourself, you surely have friends or family that do. You know how much they care for their pets and how they would be devastated if something were to happen to their loved one. Thus, it can make a lot of sense for a pet owner to look into buying pet insurance. What Is Pet Insurance? Pet insurance is meant to help owners protect themselves against unforeseen costs that would be the result of the pet turning out to be sick and requiring surgery or some type of expensive treatment. These types of insurance would

Would You Ever Consider An Umbrella Insurance Policy?

This blog is meant to be a place to find honest information and discussions about insurance. There are many types of insurance that I’m a strong believer in, there are some that I rarely believe are useful or necessary and then there are other types which depend on circumstances or that I just don’t know much about. Today’s post is about one of those. Umbrella Insurance, What Is It? Umbrella insurance is the type of insurance that will protect you in nightmare scenarios that would lead you to bankruptcy. Such an insurance would be added to home insurance or car insurance

Insurance Offered By My Employer Becoming Increasingly Complex

I have to start off by saying that I know I’m very fortunate. I have a good job that offers insurance for my family and I. A few years ago, working for the same company, I had it very easy. Upon being hired, I received a list with everything that was covered in terms of health insurance, life insurance, disability, travel, etc. Every time I got a pay slip, I would see how much my employer was paying for me (since those were taxable benefits). All of those were defined and I then simply needed to send receipts for any

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