Welcome to InsuranceDoesMatter!

Welcome to InsuranceDoesMatter! You might have learned bout this blog from another one of our web properties, we do have websites about retirement, investing, dividend investing, as well as a variety of other types of blogs related to money. One area we had stayed away from is insurance. Why? It’s complicated, challenging to make interesting and requires a lot of esearch. In the end though, we believe that InsuanceDoesMatter has its place. Why?

It just seems like an impossible task to find good, easy to understand and interesting information about insurance. And did i say unbiaised? Because that is a huge part of it. Almost anyone that knows about insurance will end up trying to sell you some. You know the drill… How could you possibly know which coverage to get if any.

That being said, insurance is critial and I think that as we grow older and acquire responsibilities, we all reach the point where insurance becomes more than optional but actually the responsible thing to do.

This is where IDM comes into play. I know, it’ll be a challenge but i think that together we can create a more transparent for hub to get information about all types of insurance.  We will be focused on the big ones such as life insurance, disability insurance, car and home insurance but lso lesser known ones such as pet insurance, etc.

We also want to make it as interactive as possible by discussing with people involved in the industry, doing quiz, etc.

We would love to hear your thoughts, questions or comments about what you’d like to know more about, what you think so far, etc.

Pete and Mike

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